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Are you looking for a vegetarian nutritionist in Denver, Colorado?  Look no further than Health & Harmony Nutrition.   Our nutritionists specialize in plant-based diets and offer nutrition counseling to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.  We work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan, recommend meal ideas and recipes, provide guidance on nutrient supplements if necessary, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Get in touch with Health & Harmony Nutrition today to schedule a free consultation with a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver.

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If you are interested in a vegetarian diet, we can help you navigate the world of plant-based food and ensure you are getting all the necessary nutrients for optimal health.  Our nutritionists understand the benefits of a plant-based diet and will work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to a healthier you with a Denver Vegetarian Nutritionist.

Get Healthy With a Plant-Based Vegetarian Diet in Denver, Colorado

Get Healthy With a Plant-Based Vegetarian Diet in Denver, Colorado

Get your health back on track with a plant-based vegetarian diet in Denver, CO!  Denver, Colorado has a strong plant-based nutrition community that is dedicated to helping you achieve ultimate health and wellness through a vegetarian lifestyle.  Health & Harmony Nutrition is a reliable source of support for anyone looking to eat more vegetables and improve their overall nutrition.  Our skilled nutritionists can also create a customized plan for you, making healthy eating a fun and delicious challenge.  Denver Colorado is also home to many wonderful vegetarian restaurants that offer an amazing selection of plant-based dishes that will make your taste buds dance.  So why not join the vegetarians of Denver and embrace the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle?  Contact Health & Harmony Nutrition today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, CO.

How to Find the Right Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, CO

If you’re considering a vegetarian lifestyle in Denver, CO, and looking for expert advice on healthy eating, you may want to consult with a nutritionist.  Health & Harmony Nutrition is a good place to start your search for a vegetarian nutritionist in Denver, Colorado.  We specialize in clinical nutrition and offer personalized counseling to help you achieve optimal health on a vegetarian diet. Before making a recommendation, our nutritionists will get to know your specific needs and lifestyle habits.  We believe that what works for one person may not work for another, and we can personalize a plan that will work best for you.  To speak with a nutritionist and schedule a consultation, visit our website or give us a call.  Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, we can guide you toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What to Expect From a Consultation With a Colorado Vegetarian Nutritionist

What to Expect From a Consultation With a Colorado Vegetarian Nutritionist

If you are considering implementing a vegetarian diet or want to maximize your health and wellness on a plant-based diet, seeking nutrition counseling with a vegetarian nutritionist can be an incredibly valuable resource.  During your consultation, you can expect to speak with a nutritionist who is an expert in plant-based nutrition.  At Health & Harmony Nutrition in Denver, Colorado, we can help customize and personalize a nutrition plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals, whether that be weight loss, optimal nutrition, or increasing nutrient-dense foods like whole grains and specialty veggies.  Accountability can also be an essential part of meeting your nutrition goals, and your nutritionist can provide support and guidance throughout the process. Additionally, you can explore delicious food options and meal planning that will fit your lifestyle and preferences, all while ensuring optimal health and wellness.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plant-Based Foods
into Your Vegetarian Diet

If you’re following a vegetarian diet in Denver and looking to incorporate more plant-based foods, there are plenty of easy and delicious ways to do so. It’s important to note that while veganism and vegetarianism share some similarities, they are not the same thing. A vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, and poultry, but may still include dairy products and eggs. In Denver, Colorado, Health & Harmony Nutrition offers expertise in plant-based nutrition, with the guidance of a Denver Vegetarian Nutritionist, which can be extremely helpful in this transition.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into your vegetarian diet is by adding more vegetables to your meals. Experiment with different types of vegetables, and try roasting them for added flavor. Additionally, incorporating plant-based proteins such as lentils, chickpeas, and tofu can add variety and nutrients to your vegetarian diet. Opting for snacks like nuts and seeds can also add a delicious and healthy component to your plant-based diet. By focusing on a plant-based approach, with the help of a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, CO you can get all the nutrients you need without sacrificing flavor, variety, or health.

Easy Ways to Incorporate More Plant-Based Foods into Your Vegetarian Diet

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Why Working with a Vegetarian Nutritionist is Beneficial

At Health & Harmony Nutrition in Denver, CO, our vegetarian nutritionist can provide valuable guidance and support to those seeking a healthy lifestyle or looking to heal through a plant-based diet. Our nutritionist has extensive knowledge of vegetarian diets and understands the unique nutritional needs of those following a vegetarian lifestyle.

Whether you’re a long-time vegetarian or interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet, our expert nutritionist can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our personalized approach to nutrition means that we work with you to create a tailored plan that meets your unique needs and preferences. We understand that every individual is different, and we strive to provide customized solutions that work for you.

In conclusion, working with a vegetarian nutritionist at Health & Harmony Nutrition in Denver, CO can help you achieve optimal health and wellness through a plant-based diet. We are here to provide you with the support, guidance, and resources you need to reach your goals. Contact Health & Harmony Nutrition today for a free consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

Some of the benefits of working with our vegetarian nutritionists include: 

  1. Personalized nutrition plans – Our nutritionist develops customized nutrition plans that align with your unique nutritional needs and lifestyle.
  2. Improved overall health – Our vegetarian nutritionists can help you achieve optimal health by improving your nutritional intake and reducing your risk of chronic diseases.
  3. Support for specific health challenges – Our nutritionist provides specialized nutrition plans to support specific health challenges, such as pre-diabetes, or autoimmune diseases.
  4. Cooking and meal planning support – Our nutritionist provides advice and support for meal planning and cooking tasty vegetarian meals that are nutrient-rich and healthful.
  5. Ongoing support – Our nutritionist provides ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve long-term health and wellness.

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan in Denver, Colorado

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan in Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado offers a variety of options for those following a plant-based diet.  However, there is a distinct difference between a vegetarian and a vegan diet.  Vegetarianism typically eliminates meat, but may still include animal products such as dairy and eggs. Vegans, on the other hand, eliminate all animal products from their diet, including honey and gelatin.  Health & Harmony Nutrition in Denver offers support for those seeking a vegetarian, plant-based lifestyle.  A plant-based diet, whether vegetarian or vegan, can provide a variety of health benefits such as a lower risk of chronic diseases and improved nutrient intake.  With the abundance of fresh vegetables and delicious plant-based ingredients available in the state of Colorado, following a vegetarian or vegan diet can be easy and enjoyable.  Get in touch with Health & Harmony Nutrition today to schedule a free consultation with a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, CO.

Comparing Nutritional Benefits of Vegetarian vs. Vegan Diets

Health & Harmony Nutrition, a Denver, Colorado-based nutrition service, affirms that both vegetarian and vegan diets are healthy and provide an array of nutritional benefits. However, there are some differences between the two. A vegetarian diet, with the guidance of a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, CO excludes all meat, including fish, but may include dairy products and eggs. A vegan diet is completely plant-based, meaning no meat, dairy, eggs, or any other animal product. Both diets, with the help of a Denver Vegetarian Nutritionist, focus on plant-based nutrition and the benefits that come with consuming a variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These foods are packed with essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for maintaining a healthy body. By adopting a plant-based diet, vegetarians and vegans alike, with the guidance of a Vegetarian Nutritionist in Denver, Colorado have access to delicious food that can improve their overall health and well-being.

Comparing Nutritional Benefits of Vegetarian vs. Vegan Diets

Health is Personal!
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The Health & Harmony Results Roadmap

The Health & Harmony Results Roadmap

The Health & Harmony Results Roadmap p
  1. Evaluate/Assess: First we must understand your particular situation to get a baseline of where you’re starting.
  2. Focus On Fundamentals: To create lasting change you must have the simple habits in place that lay the foundation for success.
  3. Your Personalized Plan: There is no one size fits all nutrition advice here. We’ll create a plan to address your personal health issues and goals.
  4. Action: Despite what the gurus say, most plans take time to see complete lifestyle change. You’ll never get there without taking action. We’ll be by your side as you implement your plan so you can get started in the right direction.
  5. Support: It will take time and effort to experience lasting change. We’ll be your guide throughout the entire journey so you feel in control of your health and well-being.

What People Say

I Consider Her A Medical Intuitive

Many of us live with symptoms we don’t even realize are symptoms or are so commonplace that they are applied to many possible ailments (fatigue anyone?). Lindsey has an uncanny way of seeing the forest through the trees and being able to connect that which is seemingly disparate. I consider her a medical intuitive, with the ability to accurately zero in on cause and effect relationships that many miss. One example that comes to mind is when over a six month period I was getting bronchial infections about every 6 weeks. I went to numerous doctors complete with tests and x-rays, and no answers as to the source of the pattern. I had a 15 minute conversation with Lindsey, to which she replied, “...sounds like a corn allergy.” BINGO! Now I run most things by her first, it saves a lot of time and money.~ Leslie Brown

Very Friendly And Nonjudgmental

I contacted Lindsay for some digestive issues I was having. Nothing was working for me. She is understanding and knowledgeable about all aspects of diet and nutrition. She takes time to explain all she is teaching and is always available for answers to any problem. Very friendly and nonjudgmental. ~ Sally

Lindsey’s Knowledge And Dedication To Her Craft Is Very Impressive

Lindsey has been absolutely amazing! Her knowledge and dedication to her craft is very impressive, and she gave me recommendations that helped (just to provide a couple of the many examples) my gut health and brain health improve in a short period of time. I could not have asked for a better nutritionist! ~ Rob Van Hyfte 

Lindsey’s Nutritional Expertise Was Paramount

Lindsey’s nutritional expertise was paramount in helping me alleviate inflammation that had been accumulating over several years, ultimately resulting in respiratory issues, low energy levels and painful skin conditions. Her compassion and intelligence made me feel understood, cared for, and confident in my ability to heal if I followed her instructions. And I’m so grateful I did, within a couple months I began feeling so much better and all of my symptoms started to improve. My experience with Lindsey was transformative. Even today, nearly two years after having my consultation with her, I still often find myself referring back to the plethora of guidance, research, and resources she gave me. I highly, highly, highly recommend Lindsey’s service. She is amazing. She is not only gifted with the capacity to understand and explain the complexities of the human body, but with an empathy that will make you feel seen and heard. ~ Hannah Cammoun 

Lindsey Was Amazing!

Lindsey was amazing! I feel much better daily and have seen massive changes in my diet and lifestyle. I am a picky eater and she’s was still able to give me meal plans and meal ideas that worked for me! If you want to make a change in your diet she will help you get it done! Highly recommend, thanks Lindsey! ~ Jake Bro

I’m So Grateful For Lindsey

Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition. I feel like I’m getting a grad school experience while feeling supported and guided into the process. She continues to teach me the skill and strategies I need to meet my weight, exercise, and health goals. I’m so grateful for Lindsey and her business. ~ Kelli McCall

It’s Not Easy To Make Changes

Hiring Lindsey as a nutritionist 1 year ago has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. It’s not easy to make changes regarding eating/cooking, but she makes it easy to take baby steps that will last for life- then you just keep compounding your healthy habits. My body and mind feel SO healthy now, I have plenty of energy throughout the whole day, sleep like a baby, and have never been so strong in my life. 10/10 recommend!! ~ Andria Pyn

Lindsey Was Great To Work With!

Lindsey was great to work with and helped me achieve my nutrition goals. With her help I lost and kept off over 15 pounds. She gave great advice on overall diet, food products, eating habits and personalized everything to my needs. I would 100% recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their overall health and wellness. ~ Greg Roy

I Had Such A Wonderful Experience With Lindsey

I had such a wonderful experience with Lindsey. She taught me so much about what should go into our bodies, what shouldn't, and WHY. Lindsey made every meeting very empowering and I never felt shame or disappointment from her. I feel like the information Lindsey gave me will stay with me forever. I feel so much better and so much more confident! She showed me that taking care of our bodies is powerful and vital to being pain-free (mentally and physically). Thank you Lindsey!Lainey Archer

Lindsey is Incredibly Knowledgeable

If you must make a change to get healthier you must meet with Lindsey! Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable, creates personalized realistic plans and holds you accountable in an appropriate motivating manner. She not only understands the human body she gets making too many drastic changes at once is not going to work long term. She gets to know you and creates a plan that fits with your lifestyle. She is not about putting you on a "diet". She is about guiding you through a step by step process to create long term change. I have been meeting with Lindsey for years. My recommendation is get the plan down, but make a commitment to see her every few months. The check ins are what have been so impactful. I continue to learn and feel and see the benefits. Lindsey is incredible at what she does! I look back and laugh at what I thought was healthy! Thank you Lindsey you changed my life!!! Erin Robison

Feel Better

If you're looking for ways to feel better & improve the quality of your life - I highly recommend working with Lindsey Spivey! Lindsey equipped me with critical information and practical tools so that I could finally start healing my body from the inside/out! Because of Lindsey - I now love cook! She helped make "eating healthy" easy and exciting! I haven't felt this empowered -or this great- in twenty-five years! Thank you Lindsey! I'm forever grateful.~ Amy Archer

Lindsey Is Amazing!

If you are looking for a nutritionist, look no further! Lindsey is amazing - restoring my energy and overall health. She is very detailed, knowledgeable, and quick to reply when you have questions. For professional advice on what your body needs, I would highly recommend Health and Harmony! Darlene 

Encouragement & Kindness

I would highly recommend Lindsey as a nutritionist! She is very knowledgeable and considered all my individual health goals when creating my nutrition plan. I now have a plan that I can refer back to my entire life. She has the long view in mind, and will look at your well-being in a holistic manner. Not only did she thoughtfully create each action step for me, she offered encouragement and kindness along the way! Kelsey

Lindsey is Phenomenal!!

Lindsey is phenomenal at her job! I have recommended her to just about everyone I know. She puts so much time and effort into every recipe, and bit of knowledge she shares with you. Her planned out lessons and information is all backed by scientific research and she does a wonderful job of translating all of the “science talk” into something her clients can understand and implement into their own lives. If you are looking for a nutritionist, health expert, and incredible professional to lean on and learn from, look no further!! Haley Olsen

Life Changing and Wonderful Experience

My experience working with Lindsey has been so positive for not only my physical but also my mental health. She is so detail oriented on every aspect of my lifestyle change. From the very beginning, with my medical, diet, and medications, Lindsey has shown how thorough she is in her consultations. It has been a life changing and wonderful experience for me. Although, I did not expect any outward changes in my appearance, it is amazing the number of comments I have gotten. Making this change as a healthy way of eating and not as a diet has been easy and satisfying. M.H.

I have struggled for most of my life

I have struggled with my weight and body image for most of my life. Lindsey taught me how to nourish my body and my soul through healthy eating and tapping. Kim Dyer

I highly recommend Lindsey!

I have worked with Lindsey for several months, she is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. She is always up to date with the latest nutrition research and helps you to understand the reasoning behind certain food choices. I have seen huge improvements in my health while working with her. I highly recommend Lindsey! Erin Robison

Lindsey literally changed my life!

Lindsey literally changed my life in just the last four weeks! I have a long way to go but I can say that this diet aimed at my long-standing gut issues is working. I used to be so worried about it that I stopped doing many things I love to do. I feel better than I have in at least 12 years!  It wasn’t the goal, but I’ve lost 10 pounds already too! I couldn’t be happier. Susan Miller

I would highly recommend Health & Harmony!

Lindsey has been so great to work with on my nutritional issues/needs. She really gets to know you personally and has designed a custom plan tailored to my needs. I would highly recommend her!! Jeanne Huggins