Complementary Consultation (15-30 minutes)

This call is your first step. Find out if I am the right fit for your health goals in this 15-30 minute complementary phone or tele-health consultation.

No Cost

Ask the Nutritionist (30 minutes)

Ask me any of your most pressing questions and or confusion about nutrition and conflicting information.


Primary Package

Comprehensive Nutrition Care (75 minutes)

6 months of individualized monthly nutrition consults with an average of 75 minutes a session. Clients will enjoy customized adaptable meal plans that support diet interventions presented during the sessions. Including printable grocery list, recipes, desk top, and phone app accessibility. Additionally, clients will have access to food logs, exercise tracking, and product resources to aid in lifestyle changes.

All visits are Tele- Health via a HIPPA private server.

*Includes a comprehensive review of health history, current diet, any lab results, current & future health goals, and supplement evaluation.


Individual Visits

Initial Visit * (75-90 minutes)

Includes a comprehensive review of health history, current diet, any lab results that you may have, current & future health goals and supplement evaluation. Together we will come up with a plan to meet your goals and you will leave with a plan of action, recommendations for follow up visits and sample recipes for your dietary needs.

All Visits are Tele-Health via a HIPPA private server.

* Requires a 7 day diet journal before appointment


Follow-Up Visits (75 minutes)

Six session total are recommend for long lasting nutrition interventions (including the Initial visit). Follow-up appointments include personalized diet interventions, enhancements, supplement recommendations and much more. These are also an opportunity to review current success with dietary changes, troubleshoot areas of difficulty and provide additional nutrition information, tools and protocol to support healthy lifestyle changes and recipes.

All Visits are Tele-Health via a HIPPA private server.


Follow-Up Visits (30 minutes)

30-minute follow up consult to help continually support nutrition changes, answer questions, recipe ideas and substitutions.


Skin Care

Nutrition for Healthy Skin (80 minutes)

Ever wonder what the best foods and supplements are for your skin and healthy aging and what foods can actually accelerate aging skin, inflammation, and acne then this is the consult for you. Includes evaluation of skin health, review of current skin care products, at home skin care routine, treatment recommendations, diet and supplement suggestions.


Skin Care Consult (30 minutes)

Evaluate skin health, answer skin care questions, review current products and home care routine, recommendations for professional treatments and product. Does not include nutrition assessment.